Coupling Transform Project

Coupling Transform Project: The energy saving transformation has mentioned the coupling from 200-600MW, including all kinds of Voith couplings from German, for example, R15K551.1, R15K550, R17K.2E, R16K400M, R18K500, and Ebara couplings from Japan, for example GCH104-47A. And mentioned various kinds of booster pumps, for example, YNKN300/200J, FA1D56A, YNKN350/250J, YNKN400/300L, YNKN300/200-20B, SQ300-670, YNKN300-200J KSB, FA1D56G....

Until now, we have finished energy saving transformation for more than 20 power plants both domestic and abroad, the earliest Ningxia Maliantai Power Plant has already energy saving operated for 6 years.

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Energy Saving Plan for Thermal Power Plant
Energy Saving Plan for Thermal Power Plant

Energy Saving of Hydraulic Couplings
Energy Saving of Hydraulic Couplings

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